Arizona’s Best Radiation Oncologists

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Arizona’s best radiation oncologists are at Arizona Center for Cancer Care.

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In turn, great radiation oncologists are at AZCCC.  More importantly, they are great people.

Arizona’s Best Radiation Oncologists

The patient is the priority.  Therefore, treating the patient first is the goal of all physicians at Arizona Center for Cancer Care.

Today, Arizona Center for Cancer Care is providing multi-specialty treatment.  In turn,  we care for more than 30,000 patients.  Even more, doctors are treating patients throughout Arizona.

Cancer is a disease of survivors.  As a result, Arizona Center for Cancer Care is keeping it that way.  Radiation is helping people.

Radiation Oncologist Treat Cancer

Using radiation targeted at a tumor is how a radiation oncologist treats cancer.  In turn, a radiation oncologists works with a medical team.

A primary specialty for treating cancer is radiation oncology.  In fact, it is one of three primary specialties.  In addition, the other two are surgical and medical oncology.

Radiation oncologists undergo four years of oncology training. Even more, training involves many types of treatments.

Why is radiation oncology important?

Radiation may be used alone.  On the other hand, radiation may be used with surgery  Furthermore, it is of use with chemotherapy and other treatments.

A cost effectve treatment for cancer is radiation therapy.  Even more, it proving to be less invasive than chemotherapy.

Today, half of all cancer patients are using radiation.  It is being applied safely.  Even more, it is treating a wide range of patients.

Radiation is having success.  Radiation is extending lives.  It is helping people.  In addition, more research is being applied to radiation treatment.  The future is bright.  In turn, the future of treating cancer is radiation.