Best Arizona Cancer Treatment

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Best Arizona Cancer Treatment

The best Arizona cancer treatment is at Arizona Center for Cancer Care.  In addition, a great physician at AZCCC is Dr. Gregory Maggass.

About Dr. Gregory Maggass

Gregory A. Maggass, MD is board certified in radiation oncology.  Furthermore, Dr. Maggass has extensive experience with brachytherapy treatment using radioactive seeds.  

A radioactive implant is put inside the body.  The implant is placed in or near the tumor.   Getting the implant placed is usually a painless procedure.  Furthermore, the implant may be temporary or permanent.  The procedure is usually done in a hospital operating room.  Therefore, radiation stays inside the room.

For nearly two decades. Dr. Maggass served as the Medical Director for Arizona Oncology Services in the East Valley.   Even more, in this role he started the prostate brachytherapy program at Banner Desert Medical Center.  Furthermore, ,Dr. Maggass partnered with Arizona Center for Cancer Care to expand into the East Valley. As a result, Dr, Maggass is celebrating nearly a decade with AZCCC.

Dr. Maggass received his degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin.  In turn, he completed his residency at the University of Southern California Medical Center.  USC is where he received specialized training in Brachytherapy.

Best Arizona Cancer Treatment 

Today, Arizona Center for Cancer Care is able to provide multi-specialty treatment to more than 30,000 patients across the Valley.  More importantly, serving entire families is the goal of AZCCC

Cancer is a disease of survivors.  Above all, keeping it that way is the focus.

Arizona Center for Cancer Care’s mission is to provide the highest quality cancer treatment in Arizona.  As a result, patients depend on the very best doctors and staffs for cancer care.

We are a cancer center without walls,   In turn, services stretching across the Valley and beyond are provided by AZCCC.   As a result,  the best doctors and the best treatment in the country is at AZCCC.

Info on the very best cancer treatment doctors in Arizona is at  In addition,  http://www.HonorHealth. provides in info on the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Care Network.