Head & Neck Cancer Concerns and Side Effects

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Head and Neck Cancers are the most complex, and most troublesome types of cancers. With their many risk factors, in such a small space, and with increased sensitivity, the side effects can be far reaching and have an effect on normal day to day function, if not addressed thoroughly, before receiving treatment.

Dry Mouth

Dental Consultations Before, During, And After Cancer Treatment

Mouth Sores

Secondary Affects; From Long Term Dental Damage, To Malnutrition

Tooth Decay

Dietary Consultations Before, During, And After Treatment

Tooth Loss / Extraction

Timely Nutritional Support

Difficulty Swallowing

Weight Management

Difficulty Chewing or Opening Mouth

Dietary Supply Needs

Oral Infection

Social Services Needs

Bone Disease

Transportation Needs

Inflammation / Pain in the Mouth and Tongue

Pre-Existing Conditions That Can Lead To Breaks in Treatment

Loss of Appetite


Surveillance: Post Treatment Symptom Management, Metastasis, And The Monitoring Of Dental, And Psychosocial Needs