Head & Neck Cancer Statistics

Survival Rates: US vs. AZCCC


  • Roughly 90,000 Cases Diagnosed Annually In The U.S.
  • Head and Neck Cancer Accounts for 6 % of All Cancers


  • 66% Of All Head And Neck Cancer Occurs In Those Over The Age 55
  • The Highest Prevalence Is Found In Men Over The Age 65


  • National Survival Rate is 66%
  • AZCCC Survival Rate is 85%
  • AZCCC Early Detection Survival Rate is 95%

On Average:

  • 47% Of, Oral, Head And Neck Cancers Have Already Become Metastatic¬†at the Time of Diagnosis
  • Only 31% Of Head And Neck Cancer Is Localized At The Time Of Diagnosis
  • 69% Of Head and Neck Cancers Are Diagnosed In Late Stage (Stage 3 and 4)
  • 18% Of Head And Neck Cancers Are A Secondary Cancer Site As A Result Of The Cancer Spreading From Its Original Site