Dr. Anushka Patel Recognized by Women Treating Women

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AZCCC Radiation Oncologist Dr. Anushka Patel

From PreludeDX

We are honored to recognize Women Treating Women™ diagnosed with DCIS Breast Cancer. http://www.PreludeDX.com PreludeDx was founded with the goal of providing better decision-making tools to breast cancer patients and physicians. Founded in 2009 with technology licensed from University of California San Francisco, PreludeDx has focused on developing breast cancer tools that will impact a patient’s treatment decision. Our mission is to provide tools that improve patient outcomes in breast cancer and reduce the overall cost burden to the healthcare system.

Meet AZCCC Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Anushka Patel

Meet AZCCC radiation oncologist, Dr. Anushka Patel, and learn how she helps her patients with breast cancer thrive through patient-centered treatment.

“I have had the privilege of practicing radiation oncology for 11 years and have developed a particular interest in providing patient-centered treatment of breast cancer. My passion goes beyond treatment and focuses on building personal relationships with my patients. This allows me to offer highly individualized care. I believe the process of understanding my patient’s needs, taking time to educate them of their best options, and providing support throughout treatment, helps my breast cancer patients not only survive but thrive.”
Learn how Dr. Anushka Patel and others use a personalized approach to determine if radiation will benefit women with DCIS breast cancer.
Visit http://www.PreludeDX/Physicians.com for more information, and for more on Dr. Patel please go to https://www.arizonaccc.com/your-team/name/anushka-patel.com

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