Girl Scouts Help Cancer Patients

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Girls Couts Help Cancer Patients

Girl Scouts help cancer patients!   Troop 932 delivered care packages to Arizona Center for Cancer Care at the AZCCC Deer Valley location. The Troop Leader said “Dr. Patel was there so that was cool!”

The scouts asked many questions about radiation and cancer care. They even met a friendly patient who thanked them for the goodies.  The patient  proclaimed “You are going to make me look like the Hulk!”  ReveLution donated by helping with the care packages.  Girls Scouts help cancer patients and ReveLution helps Girl Scouts!

Cancer is a Disease of Survivors

Today, Arizona Center for Cancer Care is able to provide multi-specialty treatment to more than 30,000 patients across the Valley.

Cancer is a disease of survivors and above all, Arizona Center for Cancer Care is keeping it that way.

Arizona Center for Cancer Care’s mission is to offer comprehensive care to patients in order to establish the highest quality cancer treatment in Arizona.  Patients from all over the state and beyond depend on the very best doctors and staffs for cancer care.

Truly a cancer center without walls, Arizona Center for Cancer Care’s services stretch across the Valley and beyond. We are able to offer cancer patients and their families the best doctors, best treatment technologies and best medical trials in the country.

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