Patient Surveys

Patient Surveys

Arizona Center for Cancer Care values the feedback we get from our patients. Each comment is reviewed and evaluated to enable us to address trends and implement improvements to make our patient’s experience the best that it can be. For example, as we noticed an increase in trends around concerns regarding patient parking, we re-evaluated our parking for each of our locations and expanded spaces where we could to meet our patient’s needs.


Patient Experiences and Comments

Dr. Samuelian:

All staff answer whatever questions you have with confident knowledge.  A difficult diagnosis is much easier to deal with when you have a great team supporting you.  I had an excellent experience with AZCCC.  Keep doing what you are doing!

Dr. Maggass:

I felt like I was visiting with family (people who truly care about me) and had applicable solutions I hadn’t thought of yet.  Even when they couldn’t do anything about the pain, they gave love.

Dr. Tannehill:

The staff were friendly.  They always answer my questions.  The doctor made time for me and was available as needed.  There was nothing that I did not like about my experience with the office and staff.  It was been such a great experience considering the situation.

Dr. Patel:

Very professional and caring.  Everyone makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world and you will get through this.

Dr. Reed:

The caring and professional attitude of the staff has been great.  Dr. Reed took the time to listen to my questions and explain the process to me.  Dr. Reed and his staff made it as stress-free as possible.

Dr. Biggs:

I can’t believe how well I have been treated during the entire process.  I could not have asked for more.

Dr. Chen:  

The office excels in efficiency, thoroughness and attention to detail, care, compassion and depth, doctor and staff with extraordinary credentials, small details with a high touch factor

Dr. Yang:  

Very friendly, always a nice smile on everyone’s face. Dr. Yang was great, very helpful and quick to respond to patient’s needs.  Your team is the best.

Dr. Quiet:  

Most important,  are the staff members, doctors, medical assistants, nurses, receptionists are professional and caring

Dr. Sckolnik: 

Dr. Sckolnik and the radiation therapists at Shea were the best part of my treatment. It is a friendly and compassionate atmosphere, upbeat and positive. Ease of check in and receiving treatment. No time wasted. Great reception staff.

Dr. Lee:  

I liked Dr. Lee and thought all of the staff were very friendly, empathetic and top notch. The radiation therapists ran things like clockwork, always taking me in early or right on time.

Dr. Mildenberger:

Everyone was very friendly and kind. Always answered my questions and always asked how I was feeling.  I could not have been treated better. What a wonderful doctor, Dr. Mildenberger.