For Your Initial Visit

Questions for AZCCC oncologists are important. Being told you have cancer can be scary and stressful. You probably have a lot of questions and concerns.  From the American Cancer Society, here are some helpful questions for an initial meeting with questions for your AZCCC oncologist. The relationship between a patient and an oncologist must be very open for clear communication.  If a patient does not understand an answer, the oncologist should be asked to explain the answer in more detail using general terms rather than medical verbiage.

Suggest Questions

– Exactly what kind of cancer do I have?
– Where specifically is the cancer located?
– Has the cancer spread beyond where it started?
– What’s the cancer’s stage? What does that mean?
– Will I need other tests before deciding on treatment?
– What are my treatment choices?
– What treatment do you recommend and why?
– What’s the goal of my treatment?
– What should I expect moving forward

Finally, ask your oncologist if there are any important questions that have not been addressed.  Remember, you and your oncologist are on the same team!

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