Radiation Oncologist Provides Cancer Care

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Radiation Oncologist Provides Cancer Care

Another top radiation oncologist provides cancer care at AZCCC.

Dr, Samuel Day is a Radiation Oncologist Who Provides Cancer Care at AZCCC

Dr. Samuel Day specializes in treating a wide range of cancers.  Among other types of cancers, he treats brain, breast, prostate, thoracic and spine tumors.  Furthermore, he focuses on using modern imaging tools. The goal is to improve the precision and safety of radiation therapy.  As a result,  Dr. Day has extensive training with modern treatment techniques.

Personal Relationships with Patients

Like his peers at Arizona Center for Cancer Care, Dr. Day enjoys personal relationships with his patients. He believes in visiting with patients and loved ones.  In addition, he wants to reduce side effects from treatments.  He wants to improve quality of life for his patients.

Background and Education

Dr. Day received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona.  He then earned his PhD from Cambridge University. He earned his medical degree at the University of Colorado, and he completed his Radiation Oncology residency at the University of Wisconsin.

Even More, Just For Fun

As an Arizona native, Dr. Day enjoys exploring the desert, hiking and cycling. In addition, he loves cooking and spending time with his family.

Cancer is a Disease of Survivors

Today, Arizona Center for Cancer Care is able to provide multi-specialty treatment to more than 30,000 patients across the Valley.

Cancer is a disease of survivors and above all, Arizona Center for Cancer Care is keeping it that way.

Arizona Center for Cancer Care’s mission is to provide the highest quality cancer treatment in Arizona.  Patients depend on the very best doctors and staffs for cancer care.

Truly a cancer center without walls, Arizona Center for Cancer Care’s services stretch across the Valley and beyond. We are able to offer cancer patients and their families the best doctors and the best treatment in the country.

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