Radiation Therapist Jeff Arnold

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Radiation Therapist Jeff Arnold

Radiation Therapist Jeff Arnold is caring for patients at the Arizona Center for Cancer Care Surprise Clinic.

Favorite Part of the Job for Radiation Therapist Jeff Arnold

For radiation therapist Jeff Arnold, he is happiest moments are when patients visit with a doctor to hear they are cancer free!  Celebrating with patients is the high point for any team fighting cancer. A radiation therapist develops special relationships with patients during  what is often the most emotional time of a patient’s life.  Jeff appreciates the journey and loves celebrating the victories!

Married To His High School Sweetheart

Jeff has been married for 30 years after dating his wife since the 9th grade.  He simply enjoys spending time with her. In addition, Jeff also loves being a Boy Scout leader to teach young men new skills, to overcome fears and to be community minded.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys making wooden board games as well as playing old wooden board games.  It brings him peace.

His favorite movie is “Bronson” with Tom Hardy, and for his favorite food Jeff says “If you have seen my size then you know all food is my friend”.  However, his favorite food is liver and onions.  Yes, really.

If Jeff could go anywhere he would choose Vietnam.  His favorite spot to be would be sitting in the crew chief seat of UH-1H helicopter with the doors open and flying 75 feet above the ground at 120 miles per hour.

Jeff’s favorite song is “I Melt With You” by Modern English, and his favorite book is anything by Ken Follett.

Even more, among Jeff’s favorite ways of giving back to the community is by being a Boy Scout Leader.   As a Boy Scout leader, Jeff  teaches young men new skills, to overcome fears and to be community minded.

We are proud of  radiation therapist Jeff Arnold!

Radiation Therapist

Radiation therapists plan and administer radiation treatments to cancer patients.  A radiation therapist works under the guidance of a Radiation Oncologist and with a team  of health professionals who care for and treat cancer patients.