Skin cancer risk in vehicles is usually unexpected.  Most drivers feel they are protected inside a cab of a truck or inside of a car.  However, the truth is just the opposite.

Skin Cancer Risk in Vehicles Not Blocked by Glass

Fact is, blocking sun is only partial by a truck or car ceiling,  Sun still shines through windshields and windows.  In general, glass blocks some amount of sun.  However, glass doesn’t get it all.

The United States is reporting over two million skin cancers annually.  Even more, over half are occurring on the left side of the body. Obviously, the left side of the body is the side exposing the most sun when driving. In addition, reporting a higher rate of skin cancer are  transportation truck drivers.   Even more, 75% of melanoma are occurring on the left side of the body.  Melanoma is the most aggressive form of skin cancer.  Sun shining through windows is creating skin cancer risk in vehicles. Consequently, many more studies are being conducted.

One particular study is asking the general public to identify causes of skin cancer.  Most noteworthy, so far answers are not including the risk of  riding in vehicles.  Rather, responses are including sun tanning, swimming, golf, going to the beach and other outdoor activities.  

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