Survivorship Program

The AZCCC Survivorship Program will consist of regularly scheduled visits with your oncologist to insure that we are monitoring any signs or symptoms of recurrence long after recovery from treatment. We hold regularly scheduled support/advocacy activities, educational webinars, provide print material, as well direct personal support from your Navigation Team.

  • Monthly reminder regarding screening, nutrition, dental needs, and medical updates
  • Regular contact to monitor recurrence and symptoms of metastasis
  • Monthly Survivorship Group Meeting: Hosted by AZCCC, to include guest speakers, patient testimonials, success stories, FAQs, news, and updates
  • Annual Survivors Celebration: A time to meet and socialize with your families and other survivors. A time to celebrate and work together to spread awareness and help all survivors
  • Weekly Email Updates to contain news and updates, a wide span of resources and links, schedule of events
  • Monthly Flyer with support and advocacy information, a message from AZCCC, and schedule of event