Types and possible causes of hearing loss

Hearing loss is a problem which can occur at any stage of the age and there might be different causes of this disease. It would be an astonishing fact for you that only five percent of the hearing loss can be recovered by either medical or surgical treatment, whereas other 95% are cured by hearing aids. Hearing loss varies from person to person, whereas there are three main categories or types of hearing loss.

Following are three main types of hearing loss.

  1. Conductive hearing loss

The Conductive hearing loss is specifically the outcome of the blockades in the middle of the outer part of the ear. Due to obstruction, the sound cannot properly go through the outer ear to the middle ear. Those who are suffering from this disease will feel the reduction of sound or they would not be able to hear the faint sounds. This type of hearing loss is caused by many factors. For example, deformation of outer part of the ear, malformation of the middle ear, the blockade in ear canal at the time of birth or deformation of the ear canal. Formation of fluid is also a major cause of this disease. Likewise, infection in the ear is also a major cause of the same disease. Formation of fluid in middle ear obstruct the movement of the ossicles or the eardrum. Not only is this, but allergy, benign tumor, congenital absence of ear canal also amongst the major causes of the hearing loss.


As for the treatment of the conductive hearing loss is concerned, this type of disease may be corrected surgically. Hearing aids are also beneficial depending on the nature of the disease. Whereas the fluid of the middle ear can be treated with antibiotics, whereas chronic and non-infectious fluid is treated with surgery.

  1. Sensorineural hearing  loss

The Sensorineural hearing loss is the most prevalent and common type of the hearing loss. It may occur when the nerves of the inner ear are damaged and do not appropriately conduct auditory signals to the brain. Owing to this type of hearing loss speech and sound may be blurred even when the volume is loud enough to hear. There are various causes of the sensorineural hearing loss. For example, disease or virus, loud noise, head trauma, aging, deformation of the inner ear or tumors. Injury or blow to the brain is also considered as the major cause of the hearing loss. The human ear is made up of three main parts, i.e. outer, middle and inner. The middle part of the ear consists of three small bones. These three bones transmit sound waves to the inner part of the ear. But when someone receives a blow to the brain the balance of these three bone disturbs, which results in the permanent hearing loss.


As for the treatment of this type of hearing loss is concerned, it depends upon the nature and cause of the hearing loss. For example, hearing loss caused by the loud music is cured by medical therapy in which swelling or inflammation of the cochlea hair cell is reduced and healing of the inner damaged ear is improved by this way. Likewise, the hearing loss occurred due to change in air pressure or head trauma is cured by surgery depending upon the nature of the disease. Moreover, medical treatment is also available and hearing aids are also used in the treatment of the hearing loss.

  1. Mixed hearing loss.

The mixed hearing loss is a combination and mixture of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. It means this type of hearing involves problems of the both of the above diseases. For example, the person who is suffering from this kind of hearing loss may have problems on outer as well in the inner part of the ear. This type of hearing has various stages, i.e. from mild to complex. The person with mixed hearing loss will experience softer volume and will face difficulty in understanding the sound. As for the causes of the mixed hearing loss are concerned, these are also the combination of the both of the above problems. Overexposure to loud music, infection, aging, and tumors may be the causes of the mixed hearing loss.


Mixed hearing loss can be treated with surgery, medications and/or hearing aid depending on the severity of the problem. A Baha bone conduction is also a method of treatment for the mixed hearing loss. Baha system helps to improve the speech understanding.