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Men’s Health Awareness Month

Nov 10, 2019

Men’s Health Awareness Month
Men’s Health Awareness Month is November! AZCCC radiation oncologist Dr. Justin Famoso meets the community. In addition, Joining Dr. Famoso is AZCCC urologist Dr. Torre Rhoades.

Men’s Health Awareness Month is November! 

AZCCC radiation oncologist Dr. Justin Famoso meets the community. In addition, Joining Dr. Famoso is AZCCC urologist Dr. Torre Rhoades.

This month reminds men to get yearly physicals. Even more, this month encourages men to get cancer screenings and more.

Men’s Health Awareness Month

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month. As a result, men are reminder to take care of themselves.

The Movember Foundation uses this month to bring awareness to men’s health. https://us.movember.com/ Furthermore, men are being asked to take action to improve their health. Men are stepping up. As a result, men are doing a better job. Even more, percentages of men’s health are improving.

Men are encouraged to get cancer screenings. In addition, men are encouraged to tackle prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, suicide and more. Men’s overall health is the goal. In turn, boy’s health is also the goal. Educated boys turn into educated men. Therefore, a key to good health education. An early age is when health education begins.

Health awareness is the goal. Preventable health problems are lower among men. In turn, changing health habits through awareness will help. Even more, detection and treatment of disease is on the increasing for men. In turn, it is increasing for boys.

Throughout the world, women live longer than men. Furthermore, many men have the mentality of “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. In turn, men simply assume they are healthy. As a result, feeling no symptoms gives men a false security.

The majority of men are not aware of what they can do to improve their health.

About Dr. Justin Famoso

Dr. Justin Famoso specializes in radiation oncology. Hence, he specializes in cancer treatment.

He has extensive training with modern radiation treatment technologies. As a result, many patients are being helped by Dr. Famoso.

Dr. Famoso enjoys golfing, skiing, playing piano, traveling, and viticulture. In addition, he is a passionate West Virginia Mountaineers sports fan.

Learning more about Dr. Famoso is available here: https://arizonaccc.com/your-team/name/justin-famoso/

About Dr. Torre Rhoades

Dr. Torre H. Rhoades specializes in urology. Most noteworthy, he focuses on surgery. Even more, he is an expert in robotic surgery. In addition to complex cancer surgery, Dr. Rhoades is well respected for his skills as a General Urologist.

Dr. Rhoades is celebrating 10 years with Arizona Center for Cancer Care.

Being published in American Surgeon is an honor. in addition, Dr. Rhoades is been published in the Journal of Urology. https://arizonaccc.com/your-team/name/torre-rhoades/