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Phoenix Homeless Cancer Care

Oct 27, 2019

Phoenix Homeless Cancer Care
Phoenix homeless cancer care is important. Even more, student volunteers and doctors are helping. In addition, the public is being educated.

Phoenix homeless cancer care is important. Even more, student volunteers and doctors are helping. In addition, the public is being educated.

Homeless rates in Phoenix are rising. This is obviously not good. In general, homeless rates in Maricopa County are increasing. Rising homeless rates have become expected over the last 5 years.

Phoenix Homeless Cancer Care

Arizona is blessed to have Phoenix homeless cancer care provided by http://www.streetmedicinephoenix.com

Street Medicine Phoenix is mentored and supported by http://www.PCSNetwork.org

AZCCC Breast Surgeon Dr. Brenda Moorthy is one of four doctors who generously donate time. In addition, to learn more abuut Dr. Moorthy go to https://arizonaccc.com/your-team/name/s-moorthy/

Street Medicine Phoenix

Street Medicine Phoenix is a student-driven health care team. Hence, students are from the University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University. Street Medicine Phoenix supports Phoenix homeless cancer care. Educating the public is key. In addition, educating the homeless in health care is also important.

Student volunteers are making sure that homeless people get what they need. In turn, quality of life is getting better. This needs to happen more often. It must happen consistently. In truth, we are just starting.

Without access to health care are people experiencing homelessness. In addition, they lack transportation. Street Medicine Phoenix fills this gap. They bring services to homeless people in parks, under bridges, in alleyways, and other hard-to-reach places. All homeless people need help. Entire families are living without health care. The problem is nationwide. Due to warm weather, Phoenix homeless rates are higher than many cities. As a result, Phoenix homeless rates rise in the winter. Phoenix rates increase in September. In turn, they decrease in June. Having said that, summer months are the most brutal for people without homes. Injuries and even deaths increase.

Street Medicine Phoenix is reaching out to homeless supporters. Churches and some community kitchens support the homeless. On the other hand, the intention of Street Medicine Phoenix is not to repeat the services that community agencies across the city. Rather, the goal is to connect individuals experiencing homelessness to these agencies. Even more, the goal is providing a long-term solution for their needs. Finally, the goal is helping the homeless become one step closer to finding permanent housing.

Homelessness in Phoenix is Growing

Increasing homeless rates are in Arizona. Even more, they are in Phoenix. In fact, they are higher in Phoenix.

There are nearly 7,ooo homeless in Maricopa County. Nearly half are women and children. Many vets are homeless.

For the sixth straight year homelessness in Phoenix has increased. In addition to living on the streets, homeless are now living in desert washes, vehicles, storage sheds and other places.

Unsheltered homelessness is now a large percentage of the overall homeless population. Also increasing is the percentage children without proper shelter. Raising fund to support children is a mission. Feeding children is a goal. Sheltering children is a challenge. In turn, supporting families is a goal. Keeping families together is important.

Serving the homeless are groups like Street Team Phoenix. In addition, supporting our community requires teamwork from all of us in Arizona. Thank you to all who provide care for Arizona!

Phoenix offers homeless shelters. However, it is never enough. In addition, some are afraid to report to shelters. This makes it very difficult to get a true count of people without homes. Homeless are hard to count. At times, homeless can be tricky to locate.

Phoenix Cancer Support Network Helps People

Phoenix Cancer Support Network helps people.

Cancer is overwhelming. Even more, cancer can be confusing. It is difficult to confront. Obviously, cancer is never easy.

Phoenix Cancer Support Network is providing support. PCSN provides guidance and direction. PCSN also supports caregivers.

As a non-profit organization, the goal is to provide free support. Even more, nobody living with a cancer diagnosis should feel alone. PCSN provides care and compassion.